What is Form 16, Form 16 Part A, Form 16 Part B?

Form 16 is a certificate issued by the employer to the employee which reveals the details of the amount paid as salary and the amount deducted as TDS during the financial year.

After reading this article, you must get attention to get your form 16 from your employer.

Form 16 consist of two parts Part A & Part B

Part A of Form 16

Part A of form 16 is the certificate issued by the employer which was downloaded from TRACES portal, it is mandatory to check all the information of the employee.

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Sometimes if the employee changes his job in the same financial year both the employer required to issue Form 16 to the employee.

Some of the important content of Part A:

  1. Name & address of the employer
  2. TAN number & PAN number of the employer
  3. PAN number of the employee
  4. Details of tax deducted & deposited

Part B of Form 16

Part B is annexure of Part B, it consists of salary breakup information of the salary paid to the employee.

Relation of Form 26AS and Form 16A

What is Form 26AS is the consolidated certificate which was downloaded through income tax portal through your PAN number, it consists of all type of deduction made on your PAN number and any kind of amount paid from the deductor on your behalf in the tax department is revealed in the certificate.

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One of the portions “Part C – Details of Tax paid (other than TDS or TCS)” – consist of tax deduction and submitted in the tax department.

This portion helps you cross check the amount mentioned in Form 16 and Form 26AS.

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